Last updated 19 July 2013


I have Removed the page, "contact old mates" The only time it has been used in the last two years is the contact below. Most contacts come from mates from other squadrons and from reunions. If you want to put your details on this site just email me.


Below is a contact from Carl Dixon. I have printed it out in full so that any one who knows him can contact him direct.


Your name:    Carl DixonYour e-mail: number:    01269825102 message:    I would love to get in touch with any ex 3 troop from the period 1964 - 1967.I was MT and nicknamed `Dixie` I drove the CV `Tobruk` and later made full screw before being posted to Barton Stacey as Brigs driver in 67.I already have contact with Tony Sear and a few other guys but would love to hear from Ernie Stenninger, Yorky Ancliffe, Geordie Vasey


Bob Chapman Has informed me that Ron Manning an ex 4 Sqn member has died recently. I don't recall Ron myself but I am sure many of you will remember him. Sorry I do not have any other details.


I had intended to finish this web site because there are not many that visit the site. However I have spoken to the odd one or two who still like to visit so despite the expense I will keep it going because I am sure if ex-members come across the site by chance the will get some enjoyment and maybe even manage to contact a mate.


I have a new site which is in the progress of being formed. I am not sure what the site will end being but at the moment theres a load of Folk Music related stuff.   the site is at 



Got some pics from Dave Thomas. he was with the Squadron from March 62 toJune 65. I did not meet him because at that time I would have been with 39 Squadron in Osnabruk. Its great to get some pics and a bit of feed back.




Below are the details of an ex Sapper who is struggling a bit and trying to make his way in the world. He can provide the art work and stickers for any occasion so if you need anything like this give the lad a call



Hi All, after an accident in 2008 in which I broke my back which left me with a degenerative condition called CPS, I am a wheel chair user with very limited manual dexterity. I am now trying to get away from the benefits system by setting up an online business where I design products/artwork & sell them through  or am able to offer bulk order stickers ( min 25) for promotion/shops e.c.t please contact Jamie @ or visit the store





Some more photos added to Chris Porters Picture album. Have a look maybe you are one one of them.


There are two sites worth visiting at the moment and they require imput from all ex sappers. This is a kind of Data base run by Gordon Brady (Ex 45 Sqn) It needs people to add their names and details and should build up in to a place that is easy to find old mates.


The other site is for an appeal to the government to provide a General service medal for any one that served in the forces. For instance I met an old Postal Engineer recently. He had been shot at and attacked in various trouble spots round the world over nearly 30 years service and apart from the long service and good conduct medal he has nothing to show for it. The reason, because the rules stated that you had to do 30 days in station to qualify. There were even cases where people were shot or wounded but never got the GSM.


The site to check out for this is





To contact me.


This is the unofficial site for 4 Sqn so any comments pictures etc are all the work of the webmaster and of any contributers.



The site is for ex members and serving members of the Squadron so I would welcome any pictures, newspaper clips or any anedotes fom any one out there.



The best way to make this a site worth visiting is to put a few words on the guest book and tell us who you would like to meet up with or have a chat with.


If you are of the newer generation and serving or have served in the newer areas of operations we would love to hear from you. If you are of the older generation circa 1939  to 1950 we would also love to hear from you. There must be enough stories out there to fill hundreds of website.


So click your way through the site and enjoy a few memories. If you want to send photos we are always looking for new stuff.